Aug. 12th, 2008 01:20 pm
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One never really needs an excuse to do a JuliaMurney!picspam but CHEERS TO A FABULOUS OPENING NIGHT

High Flying, Adored )

T MINUS 30 HR, 19 MIN, 46 SEC
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Tracie Thoms has reawakened my love for RENT. seriously.

my favorite part starts at 0:53. OH TAYE.
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So I went to the USA Olympic Women's Volleyball Team scrimmage tonight. Mostly because of this woman:

Logan Tom

I saw her play her senior year at Stanford and holy god. I've never seen anyone work harder, go after the ball more fiercely, or play with more finesse than she did. She made *serving the ball* look elegant. GAH. I was in love.

So last week, my friend IMs me and asks me if I want to go watch them scrimmage. And i'm like, fuck yeah, where do i sign up? You guys, Logan Tom's only gotten better since the last time I saw her play. After college, she played indoor in Europe and South America for a while, but now she's back in the US and is trying beach for a bit. All I can say is "Thank you, Jesus."

I don't know if they were taking it easy because it's a scrimmage, but their passing game was pretty crappy. Hopefully, they're better than that and they do well in Beijing.

They tried to have an autograph session after the game but it was just crazy crazy madness and I didn't feel like getting squished. People apparently didn't know how to stand in a line. ugh.
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work fails so hard right now so i'm going to put off the mountain of shite on my desk and instead play with LJ.

Had a weekend with lots of win. I went to my cousin's house last Friday and I'm pretty sure I told them that I was gonna hang out, but they all forgot, so everyone (including my aunt and uncle) made plans. Which left me alone in their house with their awesome internet connection. I burned some DVDs, rifled through their closets, and ate all their food. T'was awesome times.

My uncle is a huge sweetheart and changed the oil in my car for free. $30 in my pocket, 'natch.

I read Seth Rudetsky's Broadway Nights all in one sitting. I really enjoyed it, but I think it might be because I'm such a Broadway fangirl right now that I forgive the Mary-Sueing. Also, is it Mary-Sue if it's your life? Whatever, now I'm really tempted to pony up for the audio book just because of all the bway voiceover action. ooh. I saved $30 from my oil change...

Went to a baseball game Sunday afternoon. Honestly, I could care less about baseball, but anytime there's an event with beer and hotdogs? I'm there. Plus, the tailgate was hosted by my friend Erin's gay softball league. The only thing that makes beer better? Beer with lesbians. Damn that was good times. Except for the part where the Giants lost got effing crushed 7-2. Wow Zito sucks balls. Come on dude, you walked someone with bases loaded. What. The. Eff.
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NPH is a GOD.
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if you're keeping score...

Robin: 1, stupid door hinge that got ripped out of the wall: 0, lesbian stereotypes: 9239587293845798
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You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have:
1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you.

* Weapon can be real or fictional; you may assume endless ammo if applicable. Person can be real or fictional.

They eat brains don't they? )
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because [ profile] ellixian tagged me.

this is exciting stuff )
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California's top court overturns gay marriage ban

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I'm going down to LA to see Eden in Flora surprise my mom for Mother's Day.

This is my favorite Eden performance. Just because it's so full of awesome.

from Upright Cabaret 3.31.08

Bye guys! Try not to burn down the interwebz while I'm gone.
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My sleeping patterns have been kind of crazy lately because of work/RL/flailing online and I pretty much crashed at 11pm last night. It was awesome.

Random miscellany of the week:
1. Eden Espinosa is doing Maureen in RENT on Broadway. Do you know how many limbs/souls/first borns I would give to see this? A. LOT. Unfortunately, limbs/souls/first borns aren't valid forms of currency. And I don't have enough of the right kind to take time off from work, fly to NY, stay in a hotel, and buy tickets, just to see Eden make out with a girl. ::sigh:: I'll just have to rely on the kindness of strangers to see/hear it. ps. I found an audio of her chatterbox if anyone wants it. She talks about all the roles she got turned down for in LA (ie. Les Miz, Rent) and I laughed because look at where she is now. LA is stupid.

2. SKIPLEY is my new crack. [ profile] ellixian kept spamming me with their albums and I finally broke down and listened to them. And then promptly kicked myself in the shins for not doing so earlier. RAW is awesomely hilarious. And I love that they fangirl each other in between songs. Also, Emily Skinner doing Poor Unfortunate Souls <--where have you been my entire life? I can has live concerts plz?
2a. Alice Ripley's solo album is made of so much win, I don't even know how to describe it. It wins, the end.

3. I'm house sitting for my uncle right now and oh god you guys, his internet connection is so freaking faaaaast, i can't handle it. I dled a 96MB file in like a minute and half. I don't want to go home anymore.

4. I'm sad that Ted is being such a douchebag. Can't he see the awesomeness of the BroTP? I get it dude. Bros before Hos. But come on! It's been a year. Get over yourself.

5. And finally, just because I can't make a post without mentioning Julia Murney, I got my tickets for Evita in the mail! \o/
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I just wanted to say congrats. You are officially my favoritest person. ever.

sandcastles in the sand )

I love you.


In other news, NPH is a god.
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I broke another set of headphones, you guys. This was my fourth pair in like two months. I don't even rock out that hard. I listen to showtunes for god's sake. I guess when you spend ten bucks on a cheap ass pair from Fry's, you're prolly not gonna get quality ones. still. failcakes.

I spent a good many hours last night fangirling Julia Murney with [ profile] ellixian. I dunno if I'm gonna be able to sustain this kind of devotion all the way until August. It's just so emotionally draining... excuse the momentary insanity. As if I could stop...

Television was all kinds of awesome this week. flail under the cut in case you're spoilerphobic.


30 Rock )

The Office )


And finally, because [ profile] ellixian tagged me.

List seven songs you are into right now no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good. They simply must be songs you're really enjoying right now.


I hate tagging other people, so just do it. You know you want to...
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I'm kind of jacked up from caffeine right now. I had to come into work at five am today because there are a lot of stupid people who do stupid things that I get to fix, but whatever, not the point of this post.

dude. There is so much win in my life right now, I don't even know how to deal with it all. Most of it has to do with La Murney, but I think it's spilling over to non-theatre stuff. Work finally hired a third person so instead of two of us doing the work of five, we have three! yayz.

My boss just bought me a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. He keeps on being FTW like there's no tomorrow.

My RL friends finally realized that I won't shut up about Julia Murney and are willing want to come to Sac with me. FOURTH. ROW. SEATS. MOFOS.

LJ friends rock. for serious. like a hurricane.

Television is back. BSG, 30 Rock, Office, HIMYM, SVU. So much awesome, so little time.

[ profile] obliviate's birthday is today/tomorrow. silly timezones. [ profile] joran's was yesterday. people being born = win.

dudes. spam me with the awesome that is your life. :D
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hey. uh, remember when I posted a list of all the shows that I wanted to see this summer? here

guess who's doing Evita this summer in Sacramento?

Go on. You get a cookie if you guess correctly... )

and i'm done...
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tagged by [ profile] ellixian

Create an image of nine things you currently really like, explain the things, and tag six others so they can share some inspiration and positive vibes too.

wow... i spent a lot of time on this )

i tag you. yes, you. go do it. dooooo itttttttt.
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jesus christ on a cracker, why doesn't money grow on trees?

Wicked (Pantages, LA) Mar 19, 2008
Flora, the Red Menace (UCLA) May 10, 2008
Evita (Sacramento) Aug 12-17, 2008
Spring Awakening (Curran, SF) September 4, 2008 - Oct 12, 2008
9 to 5 (Ahmanson, LA) Sept 3, 2008 - Oct 19, 2008

and WICKED SF 2009!!!!

I don't know if you noticed the theme of the list. Yes, I admit it, I am a 12 year old Wicked fangirl with disposable income.



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