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Awesomest trip ever day#3

Am currently on a bus to DC proper. Seeing more of the Maryland country side than I thought I would. It would be pretty if not for the fact that it's winter and everything is dead.

Hung out with my friend Betsy and her gay boyfriends yesterday. One was particularly awesome. He was a feminist studies major and worked for a lesbian nonprofit in sf a few years ago. And we started talking about how many shows I was seeing on this trip and he started freaking out in jealousy.

Alice Ripley in t minus six hours. Fuck yeah!

Now I feel a bit carsick from making a post on my phone. Throwing up would be bad times.

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Hey! It was great to meet you last night! Mind if I friend you? :) I don't bite! I promise!

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everyone seems to be coming to DC these days . . . not that it's not awesome and everything, but hee.

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ALICE!!!! that's all I have to say.