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robin ([personal profile] no_good) wrote2008-12-10 03:01 am

:D for me, D: for the environment.

I filled up my tank for under $20 last night!

Gas is $1.76 per gallon. IN SAN FRANCISCO. WTF. This same gas station was selling gas for ~$5 per gallon last August. Yeah, around the time I drove back and forth SF and Sacramento for Evita. That was great timing, thanks.

It should make me happy, but now people are going to be busting out their huge SUVs again. ugh.

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The last time I filled up I got it for $20 even. I cried.


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I have this urge to drive everywhere just to take advantage of gas being so low. Then I remember that, y'know, that's not really a good idea.

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Gas dropped another $10 for me today. WTF AMAZING.

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i love being able to drive my car everywhere, but i don't want to be too dependent on it for when the prices skyrocket again. i'm gonna be so sad when that happens.

BTW. i just finished DLing house. i really didn't need another fandom. god. lisa cuddy is like a gateway drug.

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I'm sorry I can't chat - I went AFK for a bit and now I have to go to bed, when I'm done posting.

What the hell are you talking about not needing Lisa Cuddy as a fandom. WTH, ROBIN.


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that's just not fair... you know all my weaknesses.

also, um. which ep is this?

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Is this fair?


Or this?

How about this?

When you're done scraping yourself off the floor - that's from Season 2. I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHICH EPISODE. Get cracking on watching the earlier episodes, you!!! ;)