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robin ([personal profile] no_good) wrote2008-12-09 09:47 am

Like the South, vampires and Britney Spears, we will rise again.

wow. so apparently, i'm not very good at this whole post every day thing. darn

Things that made me happy yesterday/today

1. Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton

2. speaking of Britney


just in case anyone wants it... Circus

Now I'm off to watch last night's HIMYM. then bedtime.

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1. Wow, way to hate on countries that aren't America, I can't see that. D: I think I can from the NBC site though. Shall go grawling tomorrow.

2. I actually really like Britney's new album. Does that make me cheesy?! O_O Although I think that was a foregone conclusion anyway...

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1. D: I never know which embedded things work for you and which don't. I thought it was just Hulu that hates on other countries. BAH.

But, if you're absolutely desperate to watching something on Hulu, there's this ( I think you have to DL something, but it might be helpful.

2. I'm not judging. :)

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ahhh britney..from my home state
where we all speak through vocoders ;)

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Oh Britney...

During her MTV special, she did this impression of her dad that was frakkin hilarious. I dunno if it was the accent or the mannerisms, it was just AWESOME.

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did some searching.. is this what you mean?

i think it's the walk -g-

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Thanks for the Britney. There's a girl in this online group I'm part of who's totally obsessed with her and it's made me curious about the new album.

Sniff. Hillary. Amy. Whatever. Love.

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You're welcome!

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I'm becoming obsessed with If You Seek Amy. I can't tell if it's the most stupid title ever or brilliant.

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man. I was so not cool enough to discern the secret messages that Britney was sending... my sister had to explain it to me.

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I was not cool either. I read a review that mentioned the joke in the title and I said it out loud several times and did not get it AT ALL. Then [ profile] llyfrgell explained it to me, I listened to the song, and now it's like.. ingratiating itself into my head.