no_good: (NPH - dancing w/ elmo)
robin ([personal profile] no_good) wrote2008-12-07 11:28 pm

Awesome Things Day 3

Things that were awesome today.

1. I went out to dinner with some friends tonight and we went to this place in the Mission called Good Frikkin Chicken. They gave us pita bread grilled with olive oil and some sort of garlic butter. It was seriously the most amazing thing ever. Crispy and slightly buttery. Oh god, I didn't want to leave. Just thinking about it right now is making my mouth water.

2. I finally managed to catch the comic book store open and bought Buffy Season 8 #18 and #19. I just have to say that I'm glad Jo Chen is back doing the covers. They're absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Don't get me wrong, Jon Foster's covers were nice. Just a little too... swirly. I kinda felt like I was high whenever I looked at them.

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