no_good: (Default)
robin ([personal profile] no_good) wrote2008-12-06 01:14 am

Day 2

Things that make me happy:

1. Being able to log onto AIM at work. Working graveyard = not having the big bosses looking over my shoulder all the time. \o/

unfortunately, everyone i know is asleep. D:

2. My cousin sent pics from Thanksgiving and it turns out that she managed to grab a pic of my 7 letter word when we played Scrabble. That's right. WORD USING ALL SEVEN TILES.

F-O-O-T-A-G-E = 13 points
E-B-O-N-Y = 9 points
7 tile word = 50 bonus points

I wanted to get a picture of the finished board but my bitter sister ruined it before I could capture it. LAME.

3. There's a meme going around about making a collage of randomly generated pics of your interests and this pic popped up of one Kendra Kassebaum.

anyone have a higher res version? it's just so cute in a baby dyke way.

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