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I can see Russia from my house!


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Her accent kills me ded.

(If McPalin gets elected, this stupid country deserves what's coming to it. I'm moving to Canada)

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LOL, I watched this last night and nearly died every time Tina Fey opened her mouth. That accent is perfect.

The ONLY way it could've been better is if they'd gotten actual Hillary to come in and do the skit. :-)

(Hi, new friend!)

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Oh, god. When Tina started posing... I just about choked on my spit.

I agree. Much love to Amy Poehler, but Hilary would have been better. Or maybe if Amy and Tina started making out. that would also have been awesome.

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As with all things, you win! I have been shut out of this skit by NBC on the other did it right and went to the source. It was stupid of me to forget the SNL opening last night. Thanks for this gem!
Did I tell you my DVR hard drive fried, and I lost all the special Broadway things I had saved. Major Bummer!!!!
Tina and Kristin for Sunday!

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oh noes!

Sorry about your DVR crashing. Have you tried unplugging and replugging the DVR? My sister thought her HD had gotten corrupted and I told her to reboot. Maybe it'll work?

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No, it's dead. Problem with the receiver box, I was told by the fool at DishNetwork. Of course, no one really knows.