Jul. 28th, 2008

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work fails so hard right now so i'm going to put off the mountain of shite on my desk and instead play with LJ.

Had a weekend with lots of win. I went to my cousin's house last Friday and I'm pretty sure I told them that I was gonna hang out, but they all forgot, so everyone (including my aunt and uncle) made plans. Which left me alone in their house with their awesome internet connection. I burned some DVDs, rifled through their closets, and ate all their food. T'was awesome times.

My uncle is a huge sweetheart and changed the oil in my car for free. $30 in my pocket, 'natch.

I read Seth Rudetsky's Broadway Nights all in one sitting. I really enjoyed it, but I think it might be because I'm such a Broadway fangirl right now that I forgive the Mary-Sueing. Also, is it Mary-Sue if it's your life? Whatever, now I'm really tempted to pony up for the audio book just because of all the bway voiceover action. ooh. I saved $30 from my oil change...

Went to a baseball game Sunday afternoon. Honestly, I could care less about baseball, but anytime there's an event with beer and hotdogs? I'm there. Plus, the tailgate was hosted by my friend Erin's gay softball league. The only thing that makes beer better? Beer with lesbians. Damn that was good times. Except for the part where the Giants lost got effing crushed 7-2. Wow Zito sucks balls. Come on dude, you walked someone with bases loaded. What. The. Eff.



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